What length Scissor do I need?

The simple answer is 5.5” as the majority of cutting scissors that we sell are 5.5” because 80% of stylists are female and the 5.5” scissor ‘fits their hand’.

What are the differences in scissor blade materials, and does it matter?

Yes, it matters, blade material is among the most important considerations when purchasing a new hairdressing scissor. The higher the quality of the blade material, the longer it will stay sharper, and longer it will last.

Handle Design

The choice of handle design depends to a large extent on your cutting style. greenwichgreen brand scissors are made with ergonomically designed handles improving posture, reducing the strain on your hands, shoulder, and back.

Texturising Scissors

Texturising scissors, which are often called shears, are generally referenced by the number of teeth, since the length of the shear is largely irrelevant. The number of teeth and the tooth shape are essential considerations when purchasing a texturising scissor.

First Set Of Scissors

The focus should be on a cutting scissor that ‘fits’ the size of your hand that is comfortable to use, and a blending scissor that is not too aggressive.

Ideal Set Of Scissors

Many stylists believe that they can do everything with one pair of scissors. Many do not understand the limitations of having one pair of scissors.