What are the differences in scissor blade materials, and does it matter?

Yes, it matters, blade material is among the most important considerations when purchasing a new hairdressing scissor. The higher the quality of the blade material, the longer it will stay sharper, and longer it will last. Some of the advanced cutting techniques such as slicing can only be done using cobalt vanadium alloys, including VG10, V10, ATS314, V1 and GIN3. The higher quality steels allows us to finish the scissor with a finer edge which is required for slicing.

Below is a list of the most commonly found materials used to make hairdressing scissors, ordered from worst to best.

Apprentice Stylists
420A & 440A are a good acceptable material for apprentice scissors. The blade material is hard enough to maintain a sharp edge, will last several years and can be sharpened.

Intermediate Stylists
440C is the choice of blade material for good quality scissors and intermediate stylists.

Advanced Stylists
V1 & GIN3 are Cobalt Vanadium Alloys. A high quality blade material for professional stylists. Stays sharper longer and is ideal for slicing, point cutting & blunt cutting.

Professional Stylists
V10 (VG10) and ATS314 are Super Cobalt Vanadium Alloys, stays sharp for even longer, is ideal for slicing, point cutting & blunt cutting.