Right Handed Scissors

At greenwich green we believe that you should buy the best scissor that you can afford. Our scissors have been grouped according to quality, blade material, and price to make it easy for you to select the right scissor.


Our 'go to' products.

Premium blade materials and comfortable ergonomically designed offset handles with the thumb twisted off the centre line. Made for slicing and all round cutting techniques.


Your special scissor.

The KA model with it's powerful wide blade will become your slicing scissor of choice. The KU model with it's unique internal leaf blade is just majic for open blade techniques. Be the envy of other stylists with the CG model, not only a powerful scissor but has a genuine 9ct gold leaf coated handle.


Your long scissor of choice.

Despite the extra length the scissors are beautifully balanced giving you the control you need. Makes a great stand alone scissor or to compliment your other scissors.


'Quality at an affordable price'

Various designs from the lighter weight scissor to the swivel thumb range to eliviate RSI problems.

All Right Handed Scissors

'Quality at an affordable price' is our claim.

Superb custom designs for you the stylist. A scissor for every application and technique, most incorporating premium cobalt vanadium alloy blades for unequalled performance.