What length Scissor do I need?

The simple answer is 5.5” as the majority of cutting scissors that we sell are 5.5” because 80% of stylists are female and the 5.5” scissor ‘fits their hand’.

As a general rule longer scissors are more versatile, however, if this is your first scissor purchase you may like to ensure that the scissor ‘fits’ your hand. Borrow a scissor from a colleague and measure the length of the blade against the length of the inside of your index finger. When these are about the same, the scissor will feel nicely ‘balanced’ in your hand.

A senior stylist will have a range of scissors including a short and a long scissor that they will use for different cutting techniques, so consider whether you are replacing an existing scissor or complimenting your scissor portfolio. To find out more check out the section below the ideal set of scissors for senior stylists.