Scissor Sharpening

sharp as a...

Correct servicing is critical for the optimum performance of your salon scissor. At Greenwich Green all scissors are serviced and where necessary repaired by replacing parts, in our fully equipped workshop. We stock replacement parts for our own brand and the better quality scissor brands. In addition to our own brand we service all the recognised brands of Japanese and Korean scissors.

We will not service our competitors Chinese made scissors. In our experience most Chinese scissors do not meet the stainless steel specification and WILL rust/corrode. We cannot remove the corrosion from our competitor’s Chinese scissors.

Some ‘scissor sharpeners’ working ‘from the back of the van’ with modified chisel grinding equipment will cause irreparable damage to your scissors. Incorrect sharpening such as too coarse an abrasive, poor lubrication of the abrasive, over-polishing, incorrect adjustment of the set, will all contribute to the scissor failing to perform at its best. The result may be work hardening of the blade material and/or incorrect blade pressure. The scissor will need sharpening more frequently or may push or drag in the hair.

We pay particular attention to maintaining the bedding face or ride area of the scissor and keeping a consistent angle of the clamshell convex edge of the scissor. Through the knowledge and experience gained over several years we will ensure that your scissor, whether our brand, or recognised other brand, is restored as close as possible to the factory finish.

Your scissors are an expensive investment and in order to keep them operating at their best we recommend servicing your scissors at least once a year.