Handle design & different hairdressing cutting techniques

The choice of handle design depends to a large extent on your cutting style. greenwichgreen brand scissors are made with ergonomically designed handles improving posture, reducing the strain on your hands, shoulder, and back. We do not sell or recommend scissors with a straight (zero-offset) handle. If you suffer from shoulder or neck pain while hairdressing then we recommend a scissor with an offset or crane styled handle. If you suffer from RSI, wrist or hand pain then we recommend a swivel scissor.

  • Symmetrical Handle

    » low cost,
    » no ergonomic benefits.

  • Semi-Offset Handle

    » lowers shoulder & elbow,
    » improves posture,
    » reduces strain while cutting.

  • Offset & Crane Handle

    » flattens the wrist,
    » lowers elbow and shoulder,
    » reduces strain when point cutting towards you,
    » straightens the wrist when slicing.

  • Swivel Thumb Handle

    » helps to alleviate the problems associated with RSI,
    » opens the palm,
    » flattens the wrist,
    » enables the stylist to rotate the wrist rather than flexing it.

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