Your first set of scissors

The focus should be on a cutting scissor that ‘fits’ the size of your hand that is comfortable to use, and a blending scissor that is not too aggressive.

As an apprentice you will not be expected to style using the more sophisticated open blade techniques. Righty you will expect your scissors to last you as long as your apprenticeship and beyond.

Our apprentice cutting scissors are designed with a robust edge that is suitable for cutting the coarser ‘dolly head’ hair without damaging the scissor. It is designed to be sharpened in the event of damage or wear and will be a usable scissor at the end of your apprenticeship, albeit, that you may only use it on children or gentlemen that do not ‘go through the basin’. The scissor is also suitable for blunt cutting and will complement your senior’s scissor that you use for your open blade techniques.

The majority of apprentice cutting scissors that we sell are 5.5 inch because 80% of stylists are female and the 5.5 inch ‘fits their hand’.

Our apprentice blending scissors will do just that, blend, and can be used to thin although you may have to go in more than once.